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Handloom story
Handloom story
India- a land of rich culture & diversity has always been a great contributor to the Handloom Art Industry in the entire world. As a matter of fact, handloom industry is the second largest employment providing sector after agriculture for thr Rural Population. 
The promoters of Handloom Tree has always been a great contributor to the Handloom Sector creating jobs, opportunities in the sector promoting great talents in the industry for more than a decade now. They have Directly & indirectly created lacs of jobs in the industry over the years.
It was then in 2020 when the Pandemic- COVID-19 hits India resulting in making Handloom Manufacturing stand still for a long period of time. We realised that all these years we have promoted the Handloom Culture traditionally but a pandemic can bring the entire industry to a standstill.
We took a pledge to make a robust platform that will be resistant to an unforeseen circumstance providing a lifetime platform for Handloom Workers & Artisans who can partner with us to showcase their art art to the entire world & also sell it to people who actually value their art & hardwork.
We made sure that not even a single handloom worker from our network is jobless & partnered with them to create Handloom masterpieces like rugs, pillows, bedsheets, curtains & offer them to the entire world on our platform named HANDLOOM TREE.
We have pledged that every talented Handloom Worker will get an opportunity with Handloom Tree to showcase the world what we have in Indian Handloom Industry- Richness & Diversity.
As a part of the social good, From Day one we have pledged to donate  ₹50/- on every order we receive on Handloom Tree to Reincarnation Association- a NGO working for Women Empowerment. 
A Distinction in the Handloom Industry is here. Support us to showcase the world how Made in India Products can take over the Industry in no time.